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How CineSend Powers Secure Video Streaming Using IPinfo

CineSend is a software company delivering cutting-edge technology to the media and entertainment sector. The company’s secure video solutions are used by major media enterprises, film festivals, and airlines to offer rich and entertaining content to customers.

📈 Market position

About CineSend

CineSend is a market leader in secure cloud storage, file delivery, and video streaming for media companies with high-value content. The company’s solutions are trusted by over 3,000 customers, delivering content to hundreds of thousands of end-users every day.

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🤔 The problem

Geoblocking video content

In the wake of 2020’s COVID-19 related movie theater and event venue closures, CineSend saw tremendous growth in streaming as the film industry pivoted to reach audiences at home with “virtual” experiences that went above and beyond typical subscription VOD services. CineSend’s content security expertise made the company well-suited to deliver solutions for virtual film festivals, movie premieres, and industry conferences. For filmmakers and rights-holders participating in these events, robust content security features were a must-have, and the ability to geoblock content to only licensed geographical regions became an essential feature. Though CineSend’s streaming solution was already equipped with DRM and advanced watermarking technology to thwart piracy, it quickly became clear that geoblocking needed to be added to the security arsenal. Implementing fast and reliable geoblocking became a new challenge for CineSend’s development team, who quickly established the need to find a reliable IP address database provider.

⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address partner

To offer a reliable service and adhere to content licensing restrictions, CineSend’s development team established that they needed access to a reputable IP address database that could provide reliable country and regional location data. IPinfo was ultimately selected for its:

  • Position in the market as a reputable provider with consistent track record
  • Flexible and affordable pricing options
  • Easy and straightforward API setup
  • Variety of libraries and languages
🔬 The solution

Content restrictions fueled by IPinfo

CineSend’s approach was to use IPinfo’s IP Geolocation API to dynamically query user IP addresses on the creation of each video playback session and map the returned location data against a set of business rules that either granted or denied user access to the content. The decision to use real-time queries rather than a cached database was made to ensure location data was always up to date. Ths solution was implemented in less than a week, and helped CineSend satisfy a number of key business objectives:

  • Support new uses for CineSend’s solutions in the virtual video experience space (film festivals, movie premieres, etc.)
  • Give filmmakers and rights-holder peace of mind knowing that location-based licensing rules would be enforced
  • Give film professionals the ability to continue their trade in a suddenly remote industry
🎉 The result

Personalization without boundaries

CineSend’s quick response to industry changes and its dedication to product innovation were core to CineSend becoming the de facto provider in this new “virtual event” space. The results were new revenue streams for both CineSend and their customers, which will live on even after cinemas and in-person events reopen.

Getting up and running with IPinfo’s API was super straightforward. It’s one API call -- send an IP address with your token, get the info you need.

D'arcy Rail-Ip
D'Arcy Rail-Ip
Lead Developer

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