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How CFC Stays Ahead of New Risks Using IPinfo

CFC takes on the insurance industry’s biggest challenges by building market-leading solutions. Founded in 1999, CFC recognized that the dot com boom would radically change the world as we knew it. Ever since then, they’ve stayed ahead of current risks by building the insurance of the future.

📈 Market position

About CFC

CFC provides comprehensive coverage for new liabilities that emerge for businesses as the technological landscape improves and expands. CFC offers insurance while also helping customers anticipate risks, get quotes within minutes, find accurate prices, and much more. CFC provides cyber insurance to over 100,000 businesses worldwide, which benefit from proactive monitoring of their cyber risk. Through advanced alerting and notification CFC helps their customers manage risks before they become reality.

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🤔 The problem

Managing risks

CFC relies on collecting accurate data for risk modeling and comparison to threat intelligence feeds. As part of their wider data collection program, CFC needed IP geolocation data to determine the impact of a potential regional outage by various internet service providers. IPinfo data is used to analyze the geographic distribution of their insurance portfolio’s IP addresses. Additionally, CFC needed data to make comparisons against threat intelligence feeds which enable them to keep their customers safe. To accomplish all of this, they have to gather enough data to build a digital footprint for their customers. However, CFC faced some challenges when it came to finding the right data providers.

⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address partner

CFC uses dozens of data sources to measure risk within its internal systems, and selecting the right service providers is important. CFC chose to select IPinfo as a partner data provider for the following reasons:

  • Accurate data
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • No downtime
  • Excellent documentation
  • Good UI
  • Great team and support
  • Easy billing and invoice data

We love to integrate with the IPinfo API because it provides us with a highly reliable and accurate stream of data.

Richard Wells
Richard Wells
🔬 The solution

Industry-leading insurance and risk-prevention fueled by IPinfo

CFC uses the IP to Geolocation and IP to Company APIs to plug-in to its big data platform, aggregating risks and alerting before they become reality.

  • Created a data feed to pinpoint risks such as open ports or exposed servers
  • Analyze the geographic distribution of their portfolio’s IP addresses
  • Established a digital footprint of their clients to spot security risks
  • Improved efficiency for their insights team
  • Proactively identify and mitigate risks for customers
🎉 The result

More cybersecurity for clients

CFC has developed a proprietary data gathering platform for monitoring cybersecurity, and client infrastructure. IPInfo plays a part in helping their customers pinpoint liabilities and prevent losses, and helping CFC model geographic risk scenarios.

The IPinfo API is very easy to integrate with, and was plugged in as a data feed into our processes within a small number of weeks.

Richard Wells
Richard Wells

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