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GreyNoise🔓 Cybersecurity

Andrew Morris of GreyNoise Intelligence made an important decision when he began relying on IPinfo’s API in 2017

Since then, GreyNoise has become recognized as the go-to Anti-Threat Intelligence source, providing ground truth on Internet-wide scan and attack activity for thousands of businesses and users. Read on to learn about how IPinfo helped make it a success.

📈 Market position

About GreyNoise

In 2017, Andrew Morris founded GreyNoise Intelligence with a simple question in mind: Why should the background noise of the Internet be so loud? GreyNoise creates sets of data that can be used to filter or deprioritize traffic from omnidirectional background scanners, allowing businesses to focus on targeted scan and attack traffic. It helps differentiate between packets that are being sprayed indiscriminately across the Internet and traffic that may have more malicious intent.

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🤔 The problem

How do you contextualize the growing numbers of scanners, crawlers, and bots across the Internet?

GreyNoise collects tens of thousands of IP addresses each day. In 2018 alone, it dealt with 12 million IPs across 29,070 different ASNs. An important part of GreyNoise’s workflow is to make categorizations and inferences based on the data behind each IP address interacted with. This meant that GreyNoise had to find an IP address data provider that was trustworthy, accurate, and reliable.

We needed to further contextualize Internet scanners, crawlers, and bots. Origin networks, data centers, ASNs, and countries are a huge component of that.

Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris
Founder & CEO
⏳ The process

GreyNoise needed an IP address data provider that was head and shoulders above alternatives

After trying several IP geolocation services and using an internal REST API to query multiple unwieldy, open data providers and Internet registries, GreyNoise decided to continue its search for the right API partner. With the help of a friend, GreyNoise’s CEO came across IPinfo.

Although GreyNoise uses multiple sources to enrich its data, it recognized multiple factors that made IPinfo stand out from the rest:

  • Price
  • Uptime
  • Features

We were looking for a faster, more developer-friendly alternative to existing geo-IP providers. A close friend of mine hit the IPinfo API with cURL, and I saw all the information we needed.

Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris
Founder & CEO
🔬 The solution

After giving IPinfo a chance, GreyNoise decided that it was a perfect fit

With millions of IP addresses that would depend on its accuracy, GreyNoise decided that IPinfo was a partner they could trust in. The responsiveness of IPinfo’s API was a major selling point for GreyNoise. Not only did IPinfo offer the data that GreyNoise required, but accessing it was incredibly fast and straightforward. Along with IP geolocation, IPinfo provided access to other endpoints that many competitors didn’t. These would help supplement the data that GreyNoise served to its users. IPinfo’s ASN, IP ranges, and hosted domains APIs could help GreyNoise build upon its existing features. Because of this, GreyNoise chose to use IPinfo at one of the most important points of its system workflow.

Many of the tags (such as Googlebot, Bingbot, etc.) that our customers love are derived from IPinfo data at some point.

Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris
Founder & CEO
🎉 The result

IPinfo is a key contributor when it comes to the reliability of GreyNoise’s data

In the cybersecurity industry, your business is nothing if not trustworthy. With valuable customers depending on its accuracy, GreyNoise has had nothing but great things to say about IPinfo’s services. While partnered, GreyNoise has served over 50 million security alerts for ~2,000 community users and enterprise customers. IPinfo has played an important role along the way.

  • Thorough enrichment of all IP addresses observed by GreyNoise
  • Faster and more reliable IP address lookups compared to tested alternatives
  • Deriving tags (such as Googlebot, Bingbot, etc.) from the data IPinfo provides
  • Continued support and feedback from IPinfo’s team

GreyNoise also has plans to better customize its pricing page with regional information provided by IPinfo's Geolocation API. This is just one example of how IPinfo has continued to offer usefulness beyond the standard procedure.

IPInfo is absolutely essential to our business. The data is rock solid, the API is dead simple, and the price is unbeatable. I constantly recommend it to all of my friends in the industry.

Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris
Founder & CEO

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