If you’ve been provided with a free SSL/TLS certificate from your domain name registrar recently, there’s a good chance that it was issued by Let’s Encrypt™.

Since 2015, Let’s Encrypt has operated as a non-profit certificate authority (CA) run by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). Let’s Encrypt’s key principles are to remain free, automatic, secure, transparent, open, and cooperative. It achieves these goals with the help of backing from industry-leading companies and organizations like Mozilla, SiteGround, ZenDesk, DigitalOcean, GitHub, Vultr, and many more.

Today, IPinfo is proud to announce that we are becoming a sponsor of Let’s Encrypt for another year! Let’s Encrypt’s vision for making the Internet more secure and HTTPS adoption easier is one that we believe can’t go unappreciated.

From the time of our first sponsorship of Let’s Encrypt, back in 2017, it’s shown tremendous growth. Today, Let’s Encrypt is responsible for servicing over 152 million active fully-qualified domains, 87 million active certificates, and 46 million active registered domains. These services have been provided free of charge since day one.

Let’s Encrypt’s growth over the years

IPinfo has made similar strides recently, offering free subscriptions for non-profit and academic purposes. We hope that the Web will continue to evolve in a way that allows businesses like ours to be more accessible for individuals and organizations that can put it to valuable use.

That being said, we strongly encourage the global availability and adoption of HTTPS — that’s why we’re big fans of Let’s Encrypt! To take advantage of its benefits today, you can get a certificate in one of two ways:

We hope that through the support of companies like ours, Let’s Encrypt will continue to raise the bar and contribute to an internet that respects the privacy of everyone. Here’s to another year in partnership between the best in IP data and digital certificates!

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