At IPinfo, providing the most accurate and reliable IP address data is what we do, but our customers are why we do it. From our origins as a community project, IPinfo has existed for its users. We recognized an opportunity to improve the way IP geolocation data was collected and accessed, and we developed and offered it as a free service to other developers. While we’ve grown and expanded both our offerings and our users, our product road map remains customer-centric and it’s their feedback that drives us. We’re not just interested in winning contracts. We’re looking to deliver top-tier IP data and service to win over every customer.

Innovating with Customer Feedback

Some companies create a product, and consider their work complete once they’ve amassed a large customer base. They develop a ‘take it or leave it’ mentality that doesn’t allow for customization or flexibility. But we know that customer needs are always changing, and we view those evolving needs as an opportunity to iterate and innovate on our existing products, and to develop new ones.

What are people asking for? What do people care about? How do we deliver it? Those are the questions we are always asking ourselves -- and our customers. From our earliest days, their feedback has proved one of the most valuable assets we have at IPinfo. – Ben Dowling, Founder & CEO

Listening to the customer’s need and developing the best solution for it can impact the business in many ways. If our data sets enable them to do 80 percent of what they need but it will take just a little bit more to fully optimize, we’ll work with them to find a solution to achieve 100 percent. If that means expanding our capabilities, we’re more than happy to do so. We take great pride in our data and are willing to work with each individual customer to ensure they can use it to drive their business forward.

After one user of our geolocation API approached us looking for a VPN detection API that we didn’t yet offer, we collaborated with them to develop it. We quickly discovered that other customers found value in this new product as well. One customer’s roadblock often helps us improve our product and build new ones that address problems others are trying to solve. What are people asking for, what do they care about, and how can we fix it? Send us some data, we’ll work with you to find a solution.

White Glove Service Every Step of the Way

At IPinfo, we know that the data we provide is only one part of the puzzle and the other important bit is getting the data or our service to work for the customer specifically - most providers focus on the first part but we prefer to do both! All we want is the best outcome for our users, even if it means that we are not the best solution for them. Happy users, happy life! – Ken Khaw, Head of Customer Solutions

This collaboration would not be possible if our customers didn’t feel that our team was accessible and receptive to their feedback. We work hard to make every interaction and touchpoint a pleasant one, starting with the very first inquiry. When prospective customers compare IPinfo with other IP and geolocation data providers, they quickly discover that we offer a unique combination of high-quality data and customer service.

From a flexible onboarding process that works within your business’s processes and timelines, to a consistent point of contact within the IPinfo team, to a dedicated Slack channel for customer discussion and feedback, we take a genuine interest in our customers and how they are using our data to solve their specific needs. Staying connected to our users gives our work purpose and we relish the opportunity to learn from them and be challenged to find new solutions and innovations every day.

We strive to bring continuity to the relationship after the sale and want customers to be successful in an ongoing way. We believe that data quality is of utmost importance, so if we hear there’s an issue, we jump on it. We understand it can cause big problems for them in real-time so we work tirelessly to fix it.

An Experience Customers Want to Share

This customer-centric approach has been our ethos since day one, and we are fortunate to have a diverse customer base that spans many industries. Each of these companies uses our IP data in a slightly different way, and we love to hear how they are applying our products in new use cases. This helps us better anticipate and develop solutions to fit their needs, and to share their successes and stories with other customers and prospective customers who may find them valuable.

Maintaining the highest-quality data is a top priority for us, and we want our customers to be successful using our data. If there’s an issue, we are here to work with them to resolve it. Our customers know that they can count on us to be reachable and responsive to solve any problem, large or small. – Samuel Perdomo, Customer Success

What we’ve also found over time is that as our customers enjoy their interactions with us and have good business results with our data, they talk about it. We love to hear from new customers that they were referred to IPinfo by other users who’ve had such a good experience working with us. Every new customer who uses our products and shares their ideas and feedback with us benefits the whole IPinfo community, allowing us to continue innovating and adding new services to our current offerings.

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