Our API only supports lookup for a single IP address at a time, but by using some common unix command line tools you're able to do bulk lookups.

First you need a file that contains all of the IP address you want to lookup, with each IP on a single line. So something like this:

You can then use xargs to do a lookup for every IP in the file. Here's an example where we lookup the country for each IP:

cat ips.txt | xargs -I% curl http://ipinfo.io/%/country

The same thing works with other field, such as region:

cat ips.txt | xargs -I% curl http://ipinfo.io/%/region

If you want to combine the API output with the IP addresses we can use paste for that, and this time we're looking up the organization:

cat ips.txt | xargs -I% curl -s http://ipinfo.io/%/org | paste -d"," ips.txt -,AS15169 Google Inc.,AS15169 Google Inc.,AS15169 Google Inc.