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IPinfo for Academic Research

At IPinfo, we believe in supporting academic research and fostering intellectual curiosity. That's why we are proud to offer free access to our IP intelligence data for qualified academic institutions. Eligible researchers can harness the power of our data to fuel their academic pursuits without financial barriers.

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Why Choose IPinfo for Academic Research?

  • Rich and Reliable Data

    Access accurate and up-to-date IP intelligence data, including geolocation, ASN, company information, and more, sourced from a global network of probe systems.

  • Versatile Use Cases

    Explore a wide range of academic use cases, from cybersecurity and network analysis to economics, social sciences, and beyond. Our data fuels research in diverse disciplines and enables groundbreaking discoveries.

  • User-Friendly API

    Seamlessly integrate our data into your research workflows with our easy-to-use API or a data set in bulk download format. Access information programmatically or locally, conduct analysis, and build innovative applications to support your academic projects.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Gain insights into IP addresses, domains, and internet infrastructure worldwide. Unlock valuable information to understand online behavior, identify trends, and address complex research questions.

  • Collaborative Opportunities

    Join a vibrant community of academic researchers, data scientists, and innovators leveraging IPinfo data for collaborative projects. Share insights, exchange ideas, and contribute to advancing knowledge in your field.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be affiliated with an accredited academic institution, including universities, colleges, research institutes, and non-profit organizations recognized by a nationally or internationally recognized body.
  • Your project must align with our program's goals:
    • Academic Research: Explore new areas, address complex questions, and contribute to scholarly knowledge in relevant fields like cybersecurity, internet infrastructure, and technological trends.
    • Educational Initiatives: Develop innovative teaching materials, enhance student learning experiences, and foster critical thinking skills through data-driven analysis.
    • Non-Commercial Projects: Conduct non-commercial research or develop tools with clear academic or public benefit, adhering to ethical data usage guidelines.
  • Demonstrate commitment to using data responsibly and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines governing data usage.

Benefits of Participation

  • Free Access

    Gain exclusive access to a wealth of IP intelligence data, including IP geolocation, ASN information, domain insights, and more

  • API Integration

    Simplify data integration into your research or teaching through our user-friendly API

  • Expert Support

    Our dedicated team is available to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your project

  • Community Connection

    Join a vibrant academic community of researchers and educators utilizing IPinfo data for diverse projects

Ready to unlock the power of IPinfo’s data for your research project?

Looking for even more data?

IPinfo is proud to partner with Dewey Data, a research data platform that offers a wealth of information via third-party data providers. Combine multiple sources of information for deeper research insights.


IPinfo reserves the right to review and approve applications for our Academic Program at its discretion. Terms and conditions apply.