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IPinfo’s geolocation API can be used without needing to create an account and without any authentication. That makes it easy to try out and works well for occasional queries. For more serious usage, we strongly recommend creating an account which will provide you with an API token and offers several benefits over making unauthenticated requests.

You can read more about making authenticated requests in our documentation.

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If you need to make more than 50k requests per month or require other types of IP address data, please consider our paid plans. In them, we offer several other APIs with fast and accurate data.

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Some of our famous paid APIs


Included starting in our Pro plan, our ASN API offers access to details about every IP's ASN, including the assigned prefixes, related domain, and more.

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IP Ranges API

Enterprise plan customers will have access to our IP ranges API, which can return a list of all IP address ranges assigned to or operated by a company (provided a domain name).

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Hosted Domains API

Also part of our Enterprise plan, our hosted domains API allows you to make a request for an IP address or domain name and return a count of the number of domains hosted on it.

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If you’re an enterprise customer requiring the highest level of service, please take a look at our Enterprise plan for everything you see above and more. We also sell our data in many downloadable formats, which includes RWHOIS and RIR WHOIS data, so check out our Data Download page for more information.

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