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IPinfo for Snowflake

Access our industry-leading IP address datasets. They're optimized for the Snowflake platform and suitable for business intelligence, analytics, big data, and cybersecurity use cases.

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Joren McReynolds

As a cloud-native SIEM that provides highly-scalable, real-time threat detection, Panther needs effective enrichment to make sure customers get the context they need fast. As a fellow Snowflake partner, IPinfo was an ideal choice for seamless alert enrichment - quickly adding the geolocation and ASN context our customers need to tune detections and accelerate triage.

Joren McReynolds SVP of Engineering, Product & Design, Panther

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Our Snowflake-optimized data and user functions are available in all Snowflake regions via the marketplace.

  • IP to Geolocation

    Get geolocation details for a given IP address: country, city, state or region, lat/long, postal code, and timezone.

    • start_ip
    • end_ip
    • country
    • city
    • region
    • lat
    • postal
    • lng
    • timezone
  • IP to Privacy Detection

    Discover VPN, proxy, tor, relay usage, or hosting providers (such as bots or scrapers) that are hiding IP addresses

    • start_ip
    • end_ip
    • tor
    • hosting
    • is_privacy
    • proxy
    • vpn
    • relay
    • service
  • IP to Mobile Carrier

    Discover if an IP address belongs to a Mobile Carrier: carrier name, Mobile Country Code (MCC), and Mobile Network Code (MNC).

    • start_ip
    • end_ip
    • name
    • country
    • mcc
    • mnc
    • is_carrier
  • IP to Company

    Gather data on the companies behind IP traffic: company name, domain name, and whether the company an ISP, business or hosting service.

    • start_ip
    • end_ip
    • name
    • domain
    • type
    • asn
    • as_name
    • as_domain
    • as_type
    • country
  • IP Whois Summary

    IP Whois Summary dataset provides contextual, consistent and structured insights from RIR.

    • range
    • id
    • name
    • country
    • status
    • tech
    • maintainer
    • admin
    • source
    • whois_domain
    • updated
    • org
    • rdns_domain
    • domain
    • geoloc
    • org_address
    • asn
    • as_name
    • as_domain
    • as_type
  • IP to Hosted Domains

    IPinfo's Hosted Domains (or Reverse IP) database returns information on domains hosted on IP address.

    • ip
    • total
    • domains
  • IP to rDNS (Reverse DNS Resolution)

    Get a domain name associated with an IP address from DNS PTR records.

    • start_ip_int
    • end_ip_int
    • join_key
    • start_ip
    • end_ip
    • size
    • domain

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If you still have questions or would like to try our free sample data, you can contact our data experts, and we’ll be happy to assist and access the full datasets.

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SELECT * FROM ip_log s JOIN IPINFO.location l ON IPINFO.TO_JOIN_KEY(s.ip) = l.join_key WHERE IPINFO.TO_INT(s.context_ip) BETWEEN l.start_ip_int AND l.end_ip_int
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