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Lemonade Fashion🛒 Ecommerce

How Lemonade Fashion Powers Personalized Fashion Using IPinfo

Since 2017, Lemonade Fashion empowers customers with personalized style and luxury designs.

📈 Market position

About Lemonade Fashion

Lemonade Fashion helps buyers find designer styles to fit their lifestyle. In three and a half years, they’ve grown from the two founders to twenty-five staff members. Along the way, they realized that global ecommerce sites like Lemonade Fashion need default viewing options and content restrictions to make sure customers can access the right buying options.

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    Mohamad Ali Baydoun
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    Lemonade Fashion
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    IP geolocation API
🤔 The problem

How to find the perfect fashion fit for each customer

Lemonade Fashion faces some unique challenges since their customers are located around the world. For starters, different countries possess different buying power, and many regional factors contribute to this balance. In Lebanon, for example, the currency is currently in a state of freefall, making it difficult to sell any imported goods. So Lemonade Fashion needed a way to show customers what goods they can buy in countries like these and hide non-accessible options. Plus, as an international company, Lemonade Fashion needed to customize language and currency for their customers.

⏳ The process

Finding the IP address right partner

Affordable and flexible prices

When it came to IP address data, pricing was a major factor for the team at Lemonade Fashion. They knew they needed an affordable option with the flexibility to keep pace with their rapid growth. And while they looked into other IP address providers, these options didn’t have the same flexibility that they found at IPinfo.

I could use the service for a while just until my startup grew, and then I could pay for, you know, more queries. I think your competitors didn't have the kinds of plans and the kind of flexibility that you had.

Mohamad Ali Baydoun
Mohamad Ali Baydoun

Hassle-free setup

Another major factor was how quickly they could start using the data. What they discovered with the trial version is that the dashboard, API key, and integrations were so simple that they were up and running within a short amount of time. Here’s what Mohamad Baydoun, founder and CTO at Lemonade Fashion, had to say about their experience over the years:

It's the reliability, the speed and the price. Like the price is really good. It's cost-effective. It's not going to balloon later on.

Mohamad Ali Baydoun
Mohamad Ali Baydoun
🔬 The solution

Web personalization and content restrictions fueled by IPinfo

Over the last year and a half, Lemonade Fashion has been able to implement geolocation to solve these problems:

  • Show relevant purchasing options based on country geolocation data
  • Restrict certain goods based on the buying power of the region
  • Automated, localized language and currency for customers
  • Preparing their site usability for projected growth

It's fast and it's reliable

Mohamad Ali Baydoun
Mohamad Ali Baydoun
🎉 The result

Personalization without boundaries

For a company that sees no limit to the amount of personalization they want to do, Lemonade Fashion has used IP address data to improve their buyer journey, and this is just the start. As a startup, they’ve used these insights to reach more buyers and improve conversions during crucial growth points. Customers can now find the right designer fit no matter where they are in the world.

There’s no limit to the amount of personalization that we want to do.

Mohamad Ali Baydoun
Mohamad Ali Baydoun

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