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How FindHotel Promotes Hotel Booking Deals Using IPinfo

FindHotel specializes in providing hotel price transparency for travelers. Since 2010, they’ve helped customers compare prices across hotel booking websites. The result is that travelers can find the best hotel deals anywhere around the world.

📈 Market position

About FindHotel

Depending on what site travelers look at, they may see different prices for the same hotel stay. FindHotel simplifies deal discovery by drawing pricing data from well-known sites such as Expedia, Booking.com, and others. Customers can then book their trips knowing that they’re finding the best deals.

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    German Herrero
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    FindHotel BV
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    Privacy Detection, Geolocation
🤔 The problem

How to protect and promote accurate price comparisons

While providing accurate booking deals, FindHotel also faced challenges from web scraping entities and other bots. These masked site visitors pretend to be real customers but instead gather information for competitors. Occasionally, malicious bots have been seen attempting to use FindHotel’s booking engine to validate stolen credit cards. The challenge, then, is to offer great deals to real customers while stopping fraudulent users from accessing pricing content, or sensitive features such as the credit card validation performed in FindHotel’s checkout.

⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address partner

Find Hotel knew that to detect hidden traffic they needed to find the most cost-effective IP address API that’s also very simple to use. The right IP address provider also needed the capacity to grow and flex with increased site visitors. For instance, as the pandemic eases up and web traffic grows, they didn’t want to run into price gouging or service shut-offs from IP providers.

[IPinfo] was the fastest and easiest approach to enable identification of private IPs. Their HTTP API proved to be reliable and performant at the scale we needed which allowed us to avoid building and operating our own service.

German Gomez-Herrero
German Gomez-Herrero
🔬 The solution

Discounts and deals fueled by IPinfo

FindHotel developed a way to protect discounts and deals for their customers while preventing competitors from stealing information from their site, and preventing fraudulent usage of their booking engine. Here’s how they did it:

  • Used Privacy Detection Data to separate masked identities from real customers
  • Offered the best discounts and deals based on geolocation
  • Guarded Find Hotel’s pricing sources
  • Prevented competitors from using those resources against Find Hotel
  • Detected device location to understand user intent
  • Protected their proprietary hotel price comparison data
🎉 The result

Hotel booking transparency around the world

By using IP address information to protect and promote price comparison data, FindHotel is improving booking transparency for travelers everywhere. As a result, customers can find the right hotel options with the click of a button.

The data is available right away, and you can try it on the website or use the API. The plans are flexible and can be adjusted to our changing request volumes. Most competitors, when it comes to their IP privacy data, require you to commit to a larger response – some back-and-forth with emails, going for a more expensive plan right away. And that's something we didn't want.

German Gomez-Herrero
German Gomez-Herrero

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