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How Donar Online improves non-profit fundraising with IPinfo

Donar Online has raised over $40 million for nonprofit organizations throughout Latin America. They’re improving efficiency for non-government organizations (NGOs) as they raise funds for humanitarian crises, access to healthcare in third-world countries, build and support child education, and much more.

📈 Market position

About Donar Online

In 2013, Donar Online launched in Argentina supported by Wingu, another nonprofit civic tech organization. Within two years, Donar Online helped raise over $1 million for humanitarian aid. Then in 2016, they expanded to Mexico and Colombia, helping over 2,000 nonprofits raise funds efficiently. They also work with Fundación ACNUR Argentina to develop new functionalities within their platform and guarantee the best usability and security for organizations in Argentina and Latin America.

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🤔 The problem

Unscalable fraud prevention model

With over 50,000 users, Donar Online needed to offer secure financial transactions at scale. To prevent fraud, the team at Donar Online processed many transactions manually. Needless to say, as their platform grew, manual fraud prevention consumed too much time for the team at Donar Online. Since they process donations for third parties, Donar Online needed to add IP data to their arsenal of security tools and services to eliminate any security gaps that still existed.

⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address provider

To give users a hassle-free experience while improving security, Donar Online chose IPinfo’s data. These are the qualities they needed in a IP address partner.

  • High quality of accurate data
  • Helpful, friendly support
  • Easy setup
  • Flexible pricing model
🔬 The solution

Using IPinfo’s data to improve secure donations

Merging IPinfo’s IP data with a variety of other security tools and services, Donar Online was able to build a fraud model that addressed financial processing vulnerabilities and pinpoint other security threats. Plus, IPinfo’s high-security infrastructure enabled them to quickly implement IP address data at scale.

IPinfo helps us prevent fraud and reduce any other security gaps that may exist

Mario Roset
Mario Roset
CEO of Donar Online
🎉 The result

Donar Online scales fraud prevention

Donar Online significantly reduced their operating time with IPinfo’s accurate data. Additionally, they improved their collectability rate for customers. In the end, Donar Online reached their two most important goals.

  • Efficient and secure donations
  • More available funds for Latin American nonprofits

We really appreciate IPinfo’s support for nonprofits. We’ve achieved many of our goals thanks to IPinfo and several other tech companies that stand behind nonprofit tech development.

Mario Roset
Mario Roset
CEO of Donar Online

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