Incorrect IP Geolocation Data Update

Data accuracy is incredibly important to us, and we spend a lot of time and effort on our data quality, and deploy updates to our data set daily. Our data isn't perfect though, and errors and inaccuracies can happen.

Single IP Geolocation Correction

If you'd like to report a one-off correction, for example when you notice that your home or business IP address is showing the wrong location, then please contact support with details of the IP address and correct location.

Bulk IP Data Correction via Geofeeds

If you're an organization that's responsible for a number of IP addresses or IP ranges then our preference is for you to host a geofeed that we can automatically download and process at regular intervals.

We can process various formats, but the easiest for us is the format described at, which is essentially a netblock followed by location fields. Here are some example entries from a geofeed that matches that format:,RU,RU-SPE,Saint Petersburg,,,CA,CA-ON,Toronto,,,AT,AT-9,Vienna,1060,,AT,AT-9,Vienna,1060,

Here's an example geofeed that you can use as a reference. And here's our detailed geofeed guide.

If you can't put together an automatic geofeed or don't have anywhere to host it, then Google Docs is a great solution, as you can enter the details there, update it when your details update, and share the the CSV export URL with us, which we'll regularly fetch.

If you don't want to host a custom geofeed or use a Google Doc, then you can email us a CSV, or send through the details in another format that's best for you and we'll figure out a way to process it. Click here to contact support.