Bogon IP Address Ranges

Some IP addresses and IP ranges are reserved for special use, such as for local or private networks, and should not appear on the public internet. These reserved ranges, along with other IP ranges that haven't yet been allocated and therefore also shouldn't appear on the public internet are sometimes known as bogons.

Because bogon IP addresses don't belong to a specific user or server on the internet, so there's no way to geolocate them. Therefore our IP geolocation API won't return location information for IP addresses within bogon ranges, but it will return a bogon field to indicate that the IP address is a bogon.

IPv4 Bogon Ranges

NetblockDescription"This" network networks NAT collision occurrence local networks protocol assignments networks interconnect device benchmark testing for future use broadcast

IPv6 Bogon Ranges

::/128Node-scope unicast unspecified address
::1/128Node-scope unicast loopback address
::ffff:0:0/96IPv4-mapped addresses
::/96IPv4-compatible addresses
100::/64Remotely triggered black hole addresses
2001:10::/28Overlay routable cryptographic hash identifiers (ORCHID)
2001:db8::/32Documentation prefix
fc00::/7Unique local addresses (ULA)
fe80::/10Link-local unicast
fec0::/10Site-local unicast (deprecated)
ff00::/8Multicast (Note: ff0e:/16 is global scope and may appear on the global internet.)

IPv6 Additional Bogon Ranges

These ranges aren't officially IPv6 bogon ranges - they're IPv6 representations of different IPv4 bogon ranges.

2002::/246to4 bogon (
2002:a00::/246to4 bogon (
2002:7f00::/246to4 bogon (
2002:a9fe::/326to4 bogon (
2002:ac10::/286to4 bogon (
2002:c000::/406to4 bogon (
2002:c000:200::/406to4 bogon (
2002:c0a8::/326to4 bogon (
2002:c612::/316to4 bogon (
2002:c633:6400::/406to4 bogon (
2002:cb00:7100::/406to4 bogon (
2002:e000::/206to4 bogon (
2002:f000::/206to4 bogon (
2002:ffff:ffff::/486to4 bogon (
2001::/40Teredo bogon (
2001:0:a00::/40Teredo bogon (
2001:0:7f00::/40Teredo bogon (
2001:0:a9fe::/48Teredo bogon (
2001:0:ac10::/44Teredo bogon (
2001:0:c000::/56Teredo bogon (
2001:0:c000:200::/56Teredo bogon (
2001:0:c0a8::/48Teredo bogon (
2001:0:c612::/47Teredo bogon (
2001:0:c633:6400::/56Teredo bogon (
2001:0:cb00:7100::/56Teredo bogon (
2001:0:e000::/36Teredo bogon (
2001:0:f000::/36Teredo bogon (
2001:0:ffff:ffff::/64Teredo bogon (