Since its launch in 2020 has provided best-in-class domain data for users in Cyber Security, Business Intelligence, Competitor Analysis, and Market Research.

Seattle, Washington--April, 15th 2021--IPinfo, the trusted source for IP address data, is celebrating the continued success of its newest product,, an industry-leading domain data provider. has had more than 28,000 sign-ups since being launched in October of 2020. The site collects data on every known domain name, from every TLD, and updates every month. Users can get a list of outbound links, backlinks, redirects, server details, or IP address details, courtesy of for any given domain within seconds.

The release of was met with enthusiasm in the online community, with many early adopters expressing their satisfaction with the product and the high-quality data it delivers.  

“ is a key part of my entire automation stack. I've been really impressed with the quality of the data.” – Daniel Miessler, Cybersecurity Expert and Podcaster

“When looking for domain data on real businesses, we evaluated a few of the top commercially available databases. It was an easy decision to go with the data from IPinfo and based on how clean the data was.” – Mike Veilleux, CTO and Co-founder, York IE

“ is my all-time favorite tool for doing reverse engineering of a website. Thanks for sharing such an amazing tool with the world!” – Taj Soheil Siddique, CEO & Co-Founder at RecordMetrics’s data includes DNS records and website data for each of the domains. The site processes terabytes of domain data, analyzing and ranking them according to their backlinks, hosting details, and domain details. The data is backed by Google Cloud, remains up to date, and can scale to meet specific needs.

Providing best-in-class, comprehensive data for developers and businesses is central to everything we do at IPinfo,” said Ben Dowling, Founder & CEO. “We built and its API for them, and we’ve been thrilled with the feedback we’ve gotten from the community, and all of the ways they’ve been able to benefit from’s domain data. I expect the demand for this type of data will continue to grow, especially in the realm of cybersecurity and fraud prevention.”

Users can leverage’s data sets and rankings for richer analytics, deeper insights, and informed data-driven decision-making. Since the site’s launch, users in various industries have found a wide range of applications for the data it provides:

“I use as one of many tools to help build a domain footprint and check reputation during the investigation of phishing reports.”– Neil Underwood, Security Analyst - IR

“I use for competitive and market research as well as brand investigation.” – Udo Hoglfeld, Intelligence Specialist & Founder, INFO + DATEN

“I'm loving the data...I'm a penetration tester and bug bounty hunter, this tool willbe very helpful for me from now on." – Anonymous, Penetration Tester

As a thank you for the initial enthusiasm of the community, IPinfo followed up the launch with a surprise Cyber Week offer in November of 2020, offering a basic plan for $1 a month, creating even more buzz online and additional signups:

"I noticed that a number of infosec folks I respect were singing IPinfo's praises and I thought I'd better put [] on my list of things to investigate." – Anonymous, Information Security Officer.

Users can download the list of top 10M domains for free here:

About IPinfo

IPInfo is an internet infrastructure data company that provides the most reliable, fastest and most accurate data sets via API for geolocation, as well as for company IPs, mobile carrier IPs, and domains. Originally started as a community project in 2013, the IPInfo platform has processed terabytes of data to produce its custom data sets that allow companies to pinpoint their users’ locations, customize their experiences, prevent fraud and ensure compliance. More than 100,000 developers and businesses, from non-profits to Fortune500 companies, use IPInfo as a trusted source for security, performance, and fraud detection. Locate IPInfo at