Request Making

How can I keep an eye on my request volumes?

We display a graph of your request volumes that updates every 10 minutes. You can view your requests by heading to your Dashboard.

What is the usage limit for users on the free plan?

Free usage of our API is limited to 50,000 API requests per month. If you exceed that limit we'll return a 429 HTTP status code to you.

What happens if I exceed my rate limit?

The free plan has a hard rate limit, and we'll return a 429 status code when reached. The paid plans have a soft rate limit, so we'll continue to return the standard response to you and send you an email notification that you've gone over your limit. If it happens regularly we'll ask you to upgrade to a larger plan.

How will you track my requests?

After signing up we'll email you an access token, which you'll need to pass along with all your requests. We track your request volumes against this. We'll also email you as you approach your monthly plan limit, and when you hit it.

What are your supported client libraries?

Python, Django, and Java are some of our current official libraries, a full list of our libraries can be found here.

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