We’ve always had a free tier at IPinfo, and we always will. Until recently, the free plan was limited to 1,000 requests/day, and if you needed more than that, you’d need to upgrade to a paid plan. Now, we’re making our free plan even more powerful.

We’re upgrading free, authenticated usage (that is, with an access token) to 50,000 requests/month. If you don’t already have an access token, you can get one for free by creating an account.

Additionally, we’ve added a way for users to help track when they’re nearing their request limit. Users will now begin receiving emails when they approach the limit so that they can take any necessary action before seeing 429 errors.

On top of these improvements, we’re offering a way to increase your free request limit even further! For any free users who are willing to credit IPinfo with a link on their website or application, we’re doubling the standard limit to 100,000 requests/month.

You can check out our Credit Links page for more information, but we’ll also go over how you can increase your limit in this short blog post.

How to Get More Free Requests with IPinfo

To qualify for this request limit increase, all you need to do is place a link to the IPinfo homepage (https://ipinfo.io/) in a visible area of your website or application. Once that’s live, log in to your IPinfo account and navigate to our Credit Links page.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a submission form. Enter the exact URL of the page (or a link to the application) where our team will be able to find your IPinfo credit link. Below this field, if finding the credit link requires some searching, we’d appreciate if you provide us with more information.

Once you submit this form, our team will follow up with a response as quickly as possible. If we’re able to find your link back to us, your request limit will be raised to 100,000 requests/month.

We’ve launched this because we strongly believe that we have the best IP address data out there, and we want it to remain as accessible as possible — even for our free users. If you’re willing to help spread the word, we’re more than happy to return the favor!

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