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Omnis Network, LLC


AS19237 Omnis Network, LLC

United States


Whois Details

NetHandle:      NET-216-239-128-0-1
OrgID:          OMSN
Parent:         NET-216-0-0-0-0
NetName:        OMNIS-NET-1
NetRange: -
NetType:        allocation
RegDate:        2000-11-29
Updated:        2012-03-02
TechHandle:     JF621-ARIN
Source:         ARIN

OrgID:          OMSN
OrgName:        Omnis Network, LLC
Street:         3655 Torrance Blvd.
Street:         Suite 230
City:           Torrance
State/Prov:     CA
Country:        US
PostalCode:     90503
RegDate:        2000-07-07
Updated:        2017-01-28
ReferralServer: rwhois://
OrgTechHandle:  JF621-ARIN
OrgAdminHandle: JF621-ARIN
OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE2022-ARIN
Source:         ARIN

Hosted Domain Names

There are 23,730 domain names hosted across 1,241 IP addresses within this IP range. To access full domain hosting information with our API contact us for more details.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP 221 193 169 157 154 147 142 132 130 127 110 105 104 100 98 94 94 94 93 86


IP address ranges, or netblocks, are groups of related IP addresses. They are usually represented as a base IP address, followed by a slash, and then a netmask which represents how many IP addresses are contained within the netblock. This format is known as CIDR. You'll also sometimes see netblocks given as a start ip address, and an end ip address, or an ip address range.

Traffic works its way around the internet based on the routing table, which contains a list of networks and their associated netblocks.