2001:67c:684::/48 - KONSEC-NET01-V6






AS12502 Dr.-Ing. Nepustil & Co. GmbH



Whois Details

inet6num:         2001,67c,684,,/48
netname:          KONSEC-NET01-V6
country:          DE
org:              ORG-KG36-RIPE
admin-c:          AM35496-RIPE
tech-c:           UN5
status:           ASSIGNED PI
mnt-by:           RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-by:           NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
mnt-routes:       NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
mnt-domains:      NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
created:          2014-07-09T11,52,31Z
last-modified:    2016-04-14T08,31,46Z
source:           RIPE
sponsoring-org:   ORG-DNCG1-RIPE

organisation:     ORG-KG36-RIPE
org-name:         KONSEC GmbH
org-type:         OTHER
address:          KONSEC GmbH Leitzstra├če 45 70469 Stuttgart Germany
phone:            +49 711 49066 280
fax-no:           +49 711 49066 285
e-mail:           info@konsec.com
abuse-c:          AC29733-RIPE
admin-c:          AM35496-RIPE
tech-c:           UN5
ref-nfy:          hostmaster@nepustil.net
mnt-ref:          NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
mnt-by:           NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
created:          2014-07-03T13,36,17Z
last-modified:    2016-02-15T16,42,18Z
source:           RIPE

person:           Andreas Mack
address:          KONSEC GmbH
address:          Leitzstrasse 45
address:          D-70469 Stuttgart
e-mail:           andreas.mack@konsec.com
mnt-by:           NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
phone:            +49-711-49066-280
fax-no:           +49-711-49066-285
nic-hdl:          AM35496-RIPE
created:          2014-07-03T13,33,57Z
last-modified:    2014-07-03T13,33,57Z
source:           RIPE

person:           Ulrich Nepustil
address:          Dr.-Ing. Nepustil & Co. GmbH
address:          Rathausstr. 3
address:          D-72658 Bempflingen
address:          Germany
phone:            +49 7123 93006-0
fax-no:           +49 7123 93006-99
e-mail:           ulrich@nepustil.net
nic-hdl:          UN5
mnt-by:           NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
created:          1970-01-01T00,00,00Z
last-modified:    2012-05-25T20,44,16Z
source:           RIPE

route6:           2001,67c,684,,/48
descr:            KONSEC GmbH IPv6
origin:           AS12502
mnt-by:           NEPUSTIL-NET-MNT
created:          2014-07-09T12,11,48Z
last-modified:    2014-07-09T12,11,48Z
source:           RIPE


IP address ranges, or netblocks, are groups of related IP addresses. They are usually represented as a base IP address, followed by a slash, and then a netmask which represents how many IP addresses are contained within the netblock. This format is known as CIDR. You'll also sometimes see netblocks given as a start ip address, and an end ip address, or an ip address range.

Traffic works its way around the internet based on the routing table, which contains a list of networks and their associated netblocks.