Ip address details

Taquara, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


  • City Taquara
  • Region Rio Grande do Sul
  • Postal Code 95600-000
  • Coordinates -29.6506,-50.7806
  • Country Brazil


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Network Speed

  • 49.5 ms Ping
  • 6.89 MbpsDownload
  • 1.83 MbpsUpload

The average network speed for TCA Internet in Taquara is shown above. See how your own network speed compares at speedsmart.net.

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  • $ curl ipinfo.io/
    • {
    • "ip": "",
    • "loc": "37.3859,-122.0838",
    • "city": "Mountain View",
    • "region": "California",
    • "country": "US"
    • }
    • # Get just the city as plaintext
  • $ curl ipinfo.io/
  • Mountain View